Avant Media’s Mission & History


Avant Media supports the production and performance of collaborative artistic projects. Focusing on live performance, film, and installation, Avant Media promotes a method of parallel collaboration that engages all members of the creative team from concept through realization.


Avant Media began when Randy Gibson and Ana Baer-Carrillo met in 1999 in an interdisciplinary performance class taught by Michael Theodore and Michelle Ellsworth at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This class was an incredible opportunity for artists, and non-artists, to work together and create performances in a quickfire no-wrong-answer sort of way. Following their many collaborative experiments in this class, Ana asked Randy to write the music for her Masters performance: the work that would become Alicia.

Shortly before Gibson’s relocation to New York City in the fall of 2001, the two met and sketched out a plan for the work. Being separated by 2,000 miles was a concern, but not, ultimately, an issue. The thorough planning and discussion, and constant contact throughout the process leading up to the Fall 2002 premiere, lead to a truly collaborative piece of art that was made more powerful by the feedback each artist was able to give to each other. The fact that the two had worked together from the very beginning, almost out of necessity, led to an extremely cohesive performance, and a desire to continue to work in the same way.

The first major performance under the Avant Media moniker took place in June, 2006. Aqua Madora, created by Ana Baer-Carrillo, Randy Gibson, and Dani Beauchamp, received its world premiere at the 2006 Sans Souci Film Festival at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Aqua Madora was performed again during the October 2006 masterclass taught by Baer-Carrillo, Beauchamp, and Gibson at the Universidad Michoacán in Morelia, Mexico and again in August 2007 (Los Angeles) and May 2008 (NYC). Aqua Madora remains one of our most performed works, and a continually rewarding performance experience. Plans are under way to release a recording of the music, recorded during the live performances by Randy Gibson for Triplicate, in early 2010.

While Aqua Madora was the first major work presented by Avant Media, the first conceived was Anger (now called Doleo Æternus). Planning for Anger got underway in late 2003 when Gibson and Baer-Carrillo began discussing the idea of an evening-length immersive performance. The music was written, and the video shot, over the next three years. In January 2007, Avant Media made its New York debut with Anger at the 20 Greene space in SoHo — a standing room-only sold out crowd on a bitterly cold night experienced the nearly hour-and-fifteen-minute performance and stayed around for food and drink with the artists. An extremely successful first foray into the performance world of New York City, Anger laid the groundwork for all future Avant Media productions.

On the occasion of John Cage’s 95th birthday (Septemer 5, 2007), Avant Media presented a concert of Cage’s work at The Kitchen. Performing FOUR6, Atlas Eclipticalis, Winter Music and Song Books Avant Media paid tribute to the great master of 20th century music and thinking. This concert was attended by a large number of artists who worked with Cage, and was documented for the promotional reel of Alex Ross’s best-selling book, The Rest Is Noise.

During the 2008-2009 season, performances were light, with a performance of Doleo Æternus at the ISIM festival in Denver, and a bevy of behind-the-scenes improvements that will make for a stronger Avant Media. Our 2009-2010 season brings new works, and new venues. The release of Voices + Sine Waves in early October and the mammoth Just Intonation World Premiere of Doleo Æternus in November; plus plans for a release of Aqua Madora and premiere of the new piece, Mémoire-en-Ciel, in the spring. We have planned our most active and varied season to date. We have also brought on board two new principal artists: Mike Rugnetta, and Dani Beauchamp. These two artists bring their unique perspectives and talents to a rich group of artists dedicated to collaboration. We look forward to many more interesting and beautiful works of art being created.