Collaborating Artists

Avant Media’s mission is to support the production and performance of collaborative artistic projects and promote a method of parallel collaboration that engages all members of the creative team from concept through realization. Collaborators currently involved in Avant Media include:

Ana Baer-Carrillo
choreographer and videographer

“I craft dance and video with the purpose of expressing the inner condition of underrepresented communities. My philosophy is to provide a habitat for experimentation, creation and reflection.”
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Dani Beauchamp

“My mission as a choreographer is to exhaust the exploration of identity. My fascination lies in the dissection of the relationships of self and psyche and self and society. Who are we? What are we? Why are we what we are? Who are we in society? Using a highly physical vocabulary to relay a movement narrative, my dances are about the human experience, its complexity and subtleties, its splendor and futility.”
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Oscar Henriquez
graphic designer and visual artist

Oscar Henriquez is a graphic designer and visual artist living and working in London. He is a graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art where he received a BFA...
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Kim Olson

Kim Olson’s work has been presented in independent venues and international festivals throughout the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Scotland, Trinidad, Guatemala, and Germany...
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Mike Rugnetta
composer and programmer

“My work makes use of the audience’s wholly modern skill of being able to deal with massive amounts of simultaneous information. Staged as something resembling a lecture, these pieces include text, music and a strong visual element. The subject area is broad, seeking to uncover the greatest number of connections between people and ideas in the smallest amount of time.”
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Additional Collaborators

Over the years, Avant Media has worked with many artists for one or two projects. These artists have helped shape individual works during the growth of Avant Media, but are not collaborating artists.

Corpus Delicti
· Anger, choreography
· City_M_Y, choreography

Patrick Davison
· Pressure, video & text

Laine Karma Sonam
· Shiver, choreography
· Mujeres de Juárez, vocals
· i left you on a cold day in december, choreography

Will Joines
· Anger, videography

Johari Mayfield
· Room, choreography

Caren McCaleb
· Doleo Æternus, video editing

Guy Snover
· One Wall — for John Cage, sculpture

Alicia Wargo
· Anger, sculpture