Randy Gibson
artistic director and composer

Brooklyn-based composer and performer Randy Gibson works with structure, evolving compositional models, and improvisation to create enveloping and ritualistic works in just intonation.

Since 2003 Gibson has studied composition with seminal Minimalist pioneer La Monte Young, and since 2005 has studied Raga singing in the Kirana tradition with Young and Marian Zazeela. In 2010 Gibson traveled to London to premiere The Third Analog Pillar. The performance was hailed by The Liminal as “a moment of relative calm, of stillness, and of pleasingly soporific and mind-emptying purity.” His album, Aqua Madora, was named a top ten album of 2011 by Textura.

As Artistic Director of Avant Media, Gibson brings an eye to detail and the goal of an immersive performance experience. Avant Media’s programming is developed with the goal of allowing art to be experienced in its purest form.