Cage Day at the Avant Music Festival

About Cage Day at the Avant Music Festival

Since its inception, we have celebrated John Cage during the annual Avant Music Festival. An inspiration and influence to us all, we organize our annual festival Cage Day around a theme loosely tied to the festival as a whole as it emerges each season.

2015 Avant Music Festival - February 28, 2015

The sixth annual festival Cage Day focuses on John Cage’s Hymn’s and Variations as performed by Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble, as well as a number of other works for voice and choir.

2014 Avant Music Festival - February 22, 2014

The fifth annual festival Cage Day featured an all-day performance of John Cage’s Variations IV and a fully staged realization of his final opera, Europera 5.

2013 Avant Music Festival - February 16, 2013

The fourth annual festival Cage Day celebrated Avant Media’s 10th year with a performance of Apartment House 1776 and an evening of Cage’s works for percussion and voice.

2012 Avant Music Festival - February 10 - 18, 2012

The third annual festival Cage Day celebrated John Cage’s 100th birthday with an afternoon performance by Vicky Chow of Sonatas and Interludes and an evening concert curated by the festival composers. The concerts were recorded for the album Cage, Unlocked released September 5th, 2012.

2011 Avant Music Festival - February 11 - 19, 2011

The second annual festival Cage Day featured our first fully chance-determined Song Books performance, inviting the audience to make some determinations about the lighting.

2010 Avant Music Festival - February 19 - 27, 2010

The inaugural Avant Music Festival