Randy Gibson: Aqua Madora

Aqua Madora comes from a special place and time for me. A turning point in my work, this composition contains most of what I had been working on up to this point: the early lessons from my raga studies with La Monte and Marian, my rhythmic techniques from my time as a percussionist; and contains much of where I am heading now: the integrated sine wave drones, the prime harmonics, the space and time. Since sitting down and playing the first notes in early 2006, this has been one of my favorite pieces. Each performance was a journey into a new and deeper sound world. I was blessed to be joined along the way by Ana and Dani and the many others who helped shaped this piece.

By the time we got to the performance recorded here, Aqua Madora had evolved to its logical conclusion. The New York City performances were transformative: I performed on a truly remarkable piano and the recordings turned out fantastically. When I began to listen back I realized that there wasn’t much more to be done with this piece. When I heard the first rough masters I knew I wanted to release this recording.

I’m extremely proud to be able to share it with you.
— Randy Gibson I-xi-2011


  1. Alap 07:13
  2. Drone (Skyline) 05:11
  3. Bed 07:20
  4. Drone (Ice Flow) 11:30
  5. Table 08:18
  6. End (Beach) 07:43


Aqua Madora © Randy Gibson 2005-2008
Recorded live in concert at the Gene Frankel Theatre, New York City

Randy Gibson – Just intonation Estonia 190 piano, tuning design, electronics
Piano tuner – Kaz Tsujio
Recording engineer – Mike Rugnetta

Video and choreography that accompanied this performance – Ana Baer-Carrillo
Choreography and dancer in the video – Dani Beauchamp

Produced by Avant Media
Recorded and mastered by Mike Rugnetta
Images abstracted from the performance video by Ana Baer-Carrillo
Designed by Oscar Henriquez
Published by Golightly Music (ASCAP)

Randy Gibson: Aqua Madora