Cage, Unlocked

The Music of John Cage. Recorded live, February 11, 2012 at the Avant Music Festival at Wild Project, New York City.

The 2012 Avant Music Festival celebrated John Cage's 100th birthday with a day of music entitle "Cage, Unlocked." This album features music recorded that day.


  1. Vicky Chow - Sonata III (02:58)
  2. Vicky Chow - Sonata IV (02:59)
  3. Vicky Chow - First Interlude (03:47)
  4. loadbang and Vicky Chow with Gelsey Bell, Drew Blumberg, Nicole Camacho, and Victor Lowrie - Concert for Piano and Orchestra (20:19)
  5. Vicky Chow - Sonata VII (02:15)
  6. Vicky Chow - Sonata VIII (03:05)
  7. Vicky Chow - Second Interlude (04:38)
  8. William Lang, Megan Schubert, Randy Gibson - Ryoanji (13:17)
  9. Vicky Chow - Sonata XI (03:51)
  10. Vicky Chow - Sonata XII (03:44)
  11. Vicky Chow - Fourth Interlude (02:54)


"Sonatas and Interludes" performed by Vicky Chow (prepared piano). "Concert for Piano and Orchestra" performed by Vicky Chow (piano), loadbang (Alejandro Acierto, clarinets; Jeffrey Gavett, voice; Andrew Kozar, trumpets; William Lang, trombone), Gelsey Bell (voice). Drew Blumberg (violin), Nicole Camacho (flutes), Victor Lowrie (viola). "Ryoanji" performed by William Lang (trombone), Megan Schubert (voice), Randy Gibson (gong, walking stick). All works written by John Cage, published by C.F. Peters (ASCAP).

Recorded by Ben Manley. Mixed by Randy Gibson. Mastered by Mike Rugnetta and Bailey Math at Terminator Smile. Packaging design by Oscar Henriquez.

Special thank you to our Kickstarter backers: Phil Backhouse, Matt Beckemeyer, Christian Carey, David Drexler, Sally Gibson, Joy Hazleton, Oscar Henriquez, Holly Hickman, Michelle Itano, Angela James, William Lang, Philip Marshall, Lutz Paelke, Jessica Perry, Anil Prasad, Daev Roehr, Erik Rönmark, True Rosaschi, Ron Schepper, Ruthie and Phil Schubert, Ronald Smith, Laraine and David Spector, Robert Walsh, and Ya-Jhu Yang.

Cage, Unlocked