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Avant Media is here to encourage artists to push their own boundaries. Our members help make this happen year-round.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to launch artists out of their comfort zones, to explore facets of their work that would otherwise go unexplored. Over the years we have helped many artists take the next step in their work, planting the seed for exciting new chapters of creation. Our sustaining members keep this vision alive.

When you become a member of Avant Media it shows your commitment to risk-taking art in all its forms, and directly supports the artists making this work happen. You'll also receive a bunch of great benefits throughout the year, including items only available to sustainer members.

It's because of members like you that great art can happen on this scale, and because of you we can keep our ticket prices low and make sure our artists are paid for their work.

Sustainer Membership

Sustainer memberships keep us going throughout the year, and show your ongoing commitment to artists making challenging and compelling work. These monthly memberships give you even more benefits at four simple levels with access to member-rate tickets, private event and rehearsal invitations good as long as your membership is current. Plus! Sustainer members at the Enthusiast level and above get exclusive access to limited-issue recordings, special mixes not available to our annual members, and one of our tote bags!



  • A single member's rate ticket at all concerts, plus our sincere thanks.


  • Sustainer Benefits


  • Sustainer Benefits plus:
  • Downloads of our full catalog of releases
  • A pair of Season Passes


  • Sustainer Benefits plus:
  • Special Art Postcard set
  • Downloads of our full catalog of releases, and physical versions as they become available

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