Original Works

Since our founding in 2003, Avant Media has presented and developed a number of original works with collaboration at their core. Many of these works have been presented several times, and more information can be found about them here.

audio release

John Cage: Variations IV

Limited Edition Album 2014

audio release

Cage, Unlocked

Limited Edition Album 2012

audio release

Randy Gibson: Aqua Madora

Limited Edition Album 2011


Dani Beauchamp and Randy Gibson : 2010

audio release

Randy Gibson: Voices + Sine Waves

Limited Edition Album 2009


Ana Baer-Carrillo and Randy Gibson : 2009


Randy Gibson, Oscar H. Scott, and Laine Rettmer : 2008

Doleo Æternus

Randy Gibson, Ana Baer-Carrillo, Oscar H. Scott, and Kim Olson : 2007-2010

Two Sides

Ana Baer-Carrillo and Randy Gibson : 2005

i left you on a cold day in december

Randy Gibson and Laine Rettmer : 2007

Mujéres de Juárez

Ana Baer-Carrillo and Randy Gibson : 2005

Aqua Madora

Randy Gibson, Ana Baer-Carrillo, and Dani Beauchamp : 2004-2008


Ana Baer-Carrillo and Randy Gibson : 2002