Shiver, by Randy Gibson (sound), Oscar Henriquez (video), and Laine Rettmer (choreography), is a short work for video and dancers that takes advantage of the pure essence of video (projected light) and sound (waves) to elucidate the stark dance. Lines of light projected across the body become distorted and the shimmering prime intervals of the score are colored by the movements. The unusual score, written by Randy Gibson, was created as a concept to explore high-prime harmonic relationships, inspired by those pioneered by his mentor La Monte Young, in a short setting. Shiver is an unusual cyclical collaboration: the sound drives the video, the video drives the dance, and the movement of the dancers changes the sound and the video.

Shiver is an exploration of the basic pure elements of performance. By stripping down extraneous elements, the performance becomes a careful study of the nature of performance.

Shiver received its world premiere as part of Triplicate at The Gene Frankel Theatre on May 2 and 3, 2008 in New York City.


August 14-20, 2013
Video Dance Version
Thinking Media III, Chungmu Art Hall Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

July 24 to August 1, 2010
Video Dance World Premiere
9th Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Myoung Wol Gwan, Seoul, South Korea

July 17, 2008
European Premiere
44. Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, Germany.

May 2-3, 2008
World Premiere
Triplicate, The Gene Frankel Theatre, New York City

The music for Shiver is available on the album Voices + Sine Waves by Randy Gibson available for download on iTunes