Tangent: Trio

April 12, 2015
Wild Project
195 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009

Gelsey and Megan
Gelsey Bell and Megan Schubert performing Aperghis at the 2011 Avant Music Festival

April 12, 2015

Wild Project

195 East 3rd street

Gelsey Bell | Kjersti Kveli | Megan Schubert

From “domesticated feedback” to cardboard boxes and bamboo brushes, three of our favorite composer/vocalists Gelsey Bell, Kjersti Kveli, and Megan Schubert will present an evening of Gesamtkunstwerk trios performed by and for each other. The three works performed by the trio engage the artists' ability and role-switching agility to realize each others' visions with the same care and attention they bring to their own.

Gelsey Bell – WIFE
    for three voices, casio synth, vocoder, and domesticated feedback
Kjersti Kveli – Oh Sour Grapes
    for three voices, cardboard boxes, bamboo brushes, and “silent” iPods
Megan Schubert – Talking Points
    for three voices, video, found sound, and ASL interpreter