Resonating Apparitions

Randy Gibson | Resonating Apparitions
Randy Gibson’s Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetry ATS4 Base 6:81 | Render Still

April 11, 2017
195 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009

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Resonating Apparitions

April 11, 2017
at Wild Project
195 East 3rd street

Randy Gibson | The Four Pillars Appearing from The Resonating Discs invoking The 72:81:88 Confluence in a setting of Quadrilateral Starfield Symmetry ATS4 Base 6:81 | Premiered by TIGUE

A new immersive experience in time, sound, and light for percussion, harmonic resonators, and projections. This work builds upon Gibson’s work with extended durations to develop subtle perceptual shifts in the passage of time to create an expansive shared experience.

Commissioned by Avant Media for TIGUE.